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February 22, 2022

If you are looking for an unforgettable excursion away from the luxury villa of La Troza, why not try a day trip to the serene yet spectacular beauty of Vallarta’s Botanical Garden.

Situated a short fifteen-minute drive south of Boca de Tomatlan in the heart of the mountains, the Botanical Garden is fast becoming one of the things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

Offering a splendid array of natural fauna and flora that is home to over 200 native bird species, and an equally impressive number of orchids growing throughout the gardens.

Visitor Center

As you enter the gardens and walk down the main pathway, the Hacienda de Oro visitor center awaits. Here you will receive a complimentary beverage to refresh and hydrate while you browse the store and decide which areas of the garden to explore first.

Enjoy At A Leisurely Pace

The tranquil and relaxing surroundings of the Botanical Garden can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, so be sure to visit some of the following delights on offer:

●     The Cactus House

●     The Holstein Tropical Plant House

●     Vallarta Conservatory of Orchids & Native Plants, Laboratory

●     Daneri Vireya Rhododendron House

●     Our Lady of the Garden Chapel

●     Cheryl Wheeler International Peace Garden

●     Pet Cemetery

Hiking Trails

Most of the hiking trails within the gardens are relatively short, easy walks that allow the majority of visitors a tropical forest experience without the need to expend much energy. The main Jaguar Trail loop / River Walk takes about 30 minutes and is a little more difficult to traverse, with moderate fitness levels and appropriate footwear recommended.

During the riverwalk, those who like to swim are invited to enjoy a cooling dip in one of the many pools the pristine river has to offer - an ideal way to cool off during the heat of the day.

Hacienda de Oro Restaurant

On the upper level of the visitor center, a traditional menu offers some of the best Mexican food in Puerto Vallarta with a fully stocked bar available for hungry and thirsty patrons. Whilst savoring your meal delight in the Hummingbirds as they hover hypnotically around the ‘hanging feeders’ enjoying their nectar to your drink of choice. A perfect way to end your visit.

Book Your Trip

Let our concierge take care of all the details making your visit a little more deluxe and extra special.

Within the gardens, there is limited wheelchair access, including some trails, the visitor center (plus some restaurant areas), the Holstein Tropical Plant House, Vallarta Conservatory of Orchids & Native Plants, Laboratory, and Daneri Vireya Rhododendron House.

Your admission ticket is valid for two days and leashed pets are welcome. Please remember to bring insect repellent.  

We recommend a 4-hour, plus transportation to get the most out of the experience, leaving you enough time to relax with a cocktail hand as you enjoy another spectacular Vallarta sunset on our secluded beach.

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