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February 22, 2022

For most, spending a relaxing, luxurious day at La Troza is their idea of the perfect luxury vacation in Mexico. But, if while here, you decide you´d like to take in the local culture and explore nature, you’ll not be disappointed.  

It’s hardly surprising that along Puerto Vallarta’s picturesque Pacific Coast, and a short distance from La Troza’s secluded beach, intrepid explorers will find miles of sandy beaches, crystalline waters, lush vegetation, and eclectic communities nestled at the foot of the gorgeous Sierra Madre Mountains. 

Check out some of our favorite beaches just a short walk from. La Troza.  


About a 45-minute walk east of La Troza, you will find the “hidden” Colomitos Beach. It is truly a breath-taking sight; golden sand contrasts beautifully with the emerald green water of this tiny bay, surrounded by high lush mountains. In the summer, rain run-off turns the tiny stream that crosses the bay into a raging river that feeds into the ocean.  

The beach has become incredibly popular in recent years since an Instagram post went viral, so to avoid the crowds, we recommend departing from La Troza early. The walk along the beach and mountainside is moderately challenging, takes about 45 minutes and offers incredible views and the chance to swim in the handful of stunning beaches that line the coast.   

There are no restaurants or any other facilities at Colomitos, so be sure to take water and some sunblock, oh and of course, good walking shoes!


Los Caballos is a spectacular stretch of beach that is a leisurely walk from La Troza. The water is the same gorgeous emerald characteristic of the area, the sand golden, but best of all, the beach is expansive and generally isolated. 

On your way to Los Caballos from La Troza you will pass Casitas Maraika, one of our favorite neighborhood beach clubs. It’s a great place to spend a day but be sure to call ahead for a reservation. 

Just on the other side of Los Caballos you will find Las Animas. It’s a bustling but small, ocean-front community where you can experience some of the colorful, local cultures. For those seeking a more arduous day, during the rainy season, hike up the river to the spectacular waterfall.


Quimixto has become increasingly popular over the past few years. In essence, it’s a small beach community on a relatively unspoiled beach, divided into 2 sections. 

It’s only accessible by the beach from other beaches or by boat, which has helped preserve Quimixto’s natural beauty and kept major developers at bay. Los Cocos Beach Club was recently rebuilt after a recent tropical storm. It’s a popular destination offering an interesting seafood menu, great cocktails, live and DJ music, and international visitors.

Whichever of the 3 beaches you choose, you are guaranteed a memorable experience during your Puerto Vallarta luxury vacation!

Stay tuned for our upcoming post where we write about Majahuitas, Las Caletas, and Yelapa. 

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