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February 22, 2022

Puerto Vallarta defines the essence of nature. The enchanting area is renowned for its picturesque tropical beauty and several wonderous natural eco-systems, national marine parks and a world heritage UNESCO site. There is a huge movement throughout Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas to protect and preserve our wildlife, ocean life and natural surroundings.

Here at La Troza, we want to be part of that movement. We have taken steps to become more eco-conscious and eco-friendly. We want to give back to Puerto Vallarta and help protect this small yet beautiful area of the world that gives us so much admiration and delight.

Our water is provided straight from the mountain, with a natural spring providing a steady flow throughout the year. Electricity is run in from the city and solar panels will be installed in the near future. Garbage must be taken into town every day by boat, so we make sure to use everything we can when producing food and try to use produce grown in our own garden whenever possible.

In order to reduce our dependence on single use plastics, we are providing our guests with stainless steel water bottles in all common areas and in rooms. We have an innovative and vigorous strategy in place to keep the bottles clean and fresh, and they will always be cooled and available, ready to quench your thirst in a nearby cooler. The plastic water bottles we do use are separated and sent to be recycled, as well as aluminum cans and glass bottles.

Some of the benefits of stainless steel food grade water bottles that we love are:

1)    Stainless steel water bottles are better for the environment. Stainless steel bottles are fully recyclable, natural and renewable.  They do not degrade and they’re not toxic. Their chemical composition is simply iron, carbon and chromium nickel. Although plastic reusable water bottles help the environment, they still require oil for production and contribute majorly to plastic pollution when disposed of.

2)    Stainless Steel is not harmful to your health. Stainless steel water bottles are made from a simple chemical composition that is not harmful to your health. They do not contain the toxic chemical Bisphenol A (BPA), which can be found in plastic.

3)    Stainless Steel is more sanitary and durable. Although stainless steel is not completely destructible, it offers a number of advantages in durability over other materials, especially plastic. It is not as susceptible to variations of temperature, it does not corrode as quickly, and it also doesn’t crack, which means no hidden build-up of bacteria. It is a much more sanitary material and much easier to clean.

We look forward to having you at La Troza while contributing to the environment we enjoy every day here on the Pacific Coast.